Padel Ace tournaments are a great way to work on your game, get active and meet new people. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate and discover their potential. Padel Ace uses a variety of tournament formats. Read below to learn more about our exciting challenges.

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tournament 01

Round Robbin

A round robin styled tournament is where players play one another an equal number of times, accumulating points as they win (or none if they lose). Every player gets the opportunity to compete against all other participating competitors. In a round robin tournament, the player with the highest score is the winner.

tournament 02

King/Queen Of The Court

A King/Queen of the court styled tournament is where players are randomly paired and assigned to a court. Each game lasts one set and has a maximum time limit of 20 minutes. Winning teams of a game move up a court and losing teams move down a court. After every game, players will switch partners with the other team by a coin toss. The aim of this game is to move up to court 1 where after 5 games the winning team on court one will be crowned King/Queen of the court.